The Benefits Of Metal Roofing On Your House

There has long been an unfair association of metal roofing with zinc sheets covering sheds or as a pretentious finish to a newly designed house. However the advances in the metal roofing industry have made the option of replacing the current roof of your house with a metal one much more desirable – here are some of the facts about roofing.

What are the types of metal roofing?

There are two different factors to consider: the material and style of the roof.

The most affordable option for roof replacement on a house is usually aluminum, as it is very durable and will ensure longevity against other options. Zinc is often thought of as the most attractive roofing option, however copper and stainless steel can be just as attractive if the style is fitting for the house.

You are no longer restricted to using precious corrugated sheets of metal when choosing a roof replacement style – from ribbed to plain, the variety of different styles ensures that there is something for every home. The number of different finishes and colors that can be applied to the metals give you a wide range of freedom when it comes to determining whether your house will have the traditional or contemporary look.

What are the benefits of having a metal roof?

Metal roofs do not have to be merely cosmetic; there are a large number of practical benefits that come with a metal replacement, some of which I will detail now.


Fragile buildings can not always take the strain of heavier roof tiles, which makes the lightweight option of an aluminum roof one of the few options that will work.

Easy to install

Metal roofs are a lot easier to install than roof tiles, so that anyone does not mind heights is able to fit the roof securely and safely.


Although they are lightweight, metal roofs are often a lot more durable than their stone or ceramic counterparts. The metal will not crack or rot, burn or break. Being resistant to freezing is also a very desirable feature for certain parts of the world.

Low maintenance

The last thing you want to be doing post roofing replacement is being forced to maintain is regularly. Unlike thatched or tiled roofs, roofing will – at most – require the occasional lick of varnish to retain its appearance.

Environmentally friendly

As we all become a lot more conscious of the damage we are doing to our home planet, we look for more eco-friendly ways of tacking everyday jobs. Using a metal replacement for your current roof will mean that you are using a 100% -recyclable roof that will never contribute to landfill sites.

What are the disadvantages of having a metal roof?

As always the benefits of roofing must be weighed against the disadvantages – although mostly small, you should have all the facts.


Although damage to a roof is unlicensed (due to its increased durability), it is much easier to replace a broken roof tile than to fix damage to a fully roof.


The cost of a metal roof can be a major factor for some people. However you must consider the low maintenance costs, the reduced insurance premiums that you will encounter and the potential increase in house value.

Weather conditions

It is unwisely to ever walk on a metal if there is the possibility of water on it (usually due to rain) and heavy storms of hailstones can potentially dent the metal.

So, if you're looking for roofing replacement or you are looking for a new build home, look for metal roofing.

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