Roof Types and the Most Common Roofing Materials

Roof systems and roofing materials are mostly divided into two classifications which are the steep slope and the low slope. The types of membranes installed on these slopes differ as well. For low slopes, less than 14 degrees off weatherproof or water impermeable materials while the steep slopes has roof coverings that exceeds 14 degrees.

There are five generic divisions of a low slope type of roof. Those are the metal panel roofing system, built up roof membranes, single ply membranes, spray polyurethane foam based and the polymer modified bitumen sheet membranes. On the other hand, the steep slope type of roof's six classifications are the clay tile and concrete tile, slate, synthetic, asphalt shingles, wood shakes and metal.

To top it all up, the low slope membranes have components of weatherproofing layers, surfacing and reinforcement which adds up to the puncture resistance of a membrane. While steep slope roofing types have roof decks, roof covering and underlayment that provides protection until the next layer of roof covering is installed.

A simple ridge roofing is composed of decline rafters which are lying on the vertical plates at the top of a wall. The tie beams, joists and rafters are transmitting the weight of the roof on the walls of a house or building. There are particular commercially available roofing materials that have their own uses and strengths.

A thatch is made up of stalks in an overlapping layer position. Shingles are almost the same with the that although shingles do not care about the nature of the materials. Slates are quite more expensive than the other materials. This is because its life expectancy can reach up to 200 years. Stone slab is a heavy type of roofing that makes the house and the roof storm proof.

There are many other types of roofing materials used by architects and engineers with the owner's consent. The roof tends to differ as well as its uses. It depends on what you want. The weather an environmental forces are also to be considered in choosing the roof type.

It is very awkward of you are living in a cold country but they have the thinnest roof sheets such as steel. So it would be much better if you consult with the experts and professional first. Do not ever pretend that you know everything about it. If so, building your dream house can be a disaster and you will get back from the top and start all over again.

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