How to Choose a Garage Roofer

If you find out that your garage roof is leaking or damp you will probably know that you will need to get it repaired or replaced. Most people use their garage for storage and so of course not having a weather seal on the roof is a problem.

Most searches online to find someone to replace your garage roof will result in a list of domestic roofers who will offer a service to home owners in this area. Here are some hints and tips to look out for when choosing a garage roofer:

1) If you must have your garage roof replaced it would be much better to use a builder who has experience of working with garages. There are specialist services who only deal with garages. These specialists will probably be cheaper than a general roofer who is used to dealing with bigger jobs. Some roofing companies may not even decide this work is profitable and may decide not to proceed once they see the size of the job.

2) If your garage was built in the 1960’s or 70’s it may have a roof made of asbestos cement. Asbestos is a highly dangerous substance as its fibres can cause fatal lung disease if breathed in. A degrading roof from this era may well be made from asbestos cement. In this case it is very important to get a licensed contractor who is experienced with dealing with asbestos. They will not only remove it safely but also will ensure that it is disposed of safely for the environment.

3) Choose someone who doesn’t want the money up front. Builders who are happy to be paid at the end of the job are obviously very confident that you will like the end result.

4) Ensure that the materials being used to replace your roof are coming from a reputable source with a guarantee that lasts a number of years. Don’t pay for materials which won’t last.

5) Use someone who has genuine testimonials to offer. Don’t just believe what is written on their website, ask the roofing company for the telephone number of one or two of the people who gave testimonials.

Genuine builders who are experienced in garage repair and replacement will be happy to point you in the direction of previous jobs they’ve done. A little bit of research is all you need to do to ensure that you are not replacing your old garage roof with one which is worse.

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