Hail Storms are No Rain of Terror

Hail Storms are No Rain Of Terror!

Hail Storms are No Rain of Terror against Class 4 shingles!  If you live in the south then you are painfully aware of the terror that rains down with a hail storm!  But when you have an Class 4 impact-resistant shingle you can Relax…and say To Hail With It!


Here’s the hard-hitting truth about hail:  When you have a Class 4 impact-resistant shingle you don’t need to crack up just because you hear the pelting of your roof by frozen orbs of precipitation!

Picture yourself sitting at home when a severe storm strikes!  Suddenly you hear a pelting on your roof that sounds like ping pong balls hitting your home.  You are witnessing the phenomenon of hail.

What The Hail?

  • Hail stones are frozen precipitation that can form during a thunderstorm.
  • During a thunderstorm currents of air move up and down at strong speeds
  • Rain droplets get caught in the upward drafts and are taken past the point of freezing
  • Ice is then formed and circulated between the drafts
  • Ice is then melted and re-frozen continuously
  • When the ice stones become too heavy for the clouds they will fall to earth as hail stones

Hail on Earth!

Hail stones range in size from tiny marbles to large grapefruits.  Clearly, large hail can cause significant damage to your property!  As the picture shows, hail comes in a wide variety of sizes but all can be lethal to your roof!  A Class 4 impact resistant shingle can give you peace of mind against an unexpected hail storm!  But, regardless of what type of shingle you have, keep in mind that if the hail is large enough, even a Class 4 shingle can be damaged!  This is why we always strongly recommend that you have a professional inspect your roof for potential damage if your property has been in the path of a recent hail storm.   MidSouth Construction is Myrtle beach’s top rated Master Elite Roofing Contractor who offers Free Roof Inspections to homeowners and commercial business owners!


Hail Storms are NO Rain Of Terror

Did You Know?

According to the National Weather Service the largest hail stone ever recorded in history occurred on July 23, 2010 in Vivian, SC!  The hail stone measures 8 inches in diameter and weighted in at 1.937 pounds!   A Class 4 Impact resistant shingle is amazing but would not held up under that size hail!

Oh Hail No!

If you suspect your home has sustained hail damage, it is so important to have your roof inspected by a qualified professional roofing contractor immediately!  Most insurance carriers have a statue of limitation for filing a claim for damages!  Sadly, hail damage is not visible to the untrained eye until after this time period has passed.  It’s also never a good idea to attempt to inspect your roof yourself!  Our team of professional roofers are always happy to perform a thorough free roof inspection which will cover the following items:

  • Cracked or broken shingles
  • Torn Underlayment
  • Mold Growth
  • Wood Rot
  • Water Infiltration
  • Granule Loss
  • Hail Indentations

Hail vs. Sleet

Sleet is snow that passes through warm and cold layers on the way to the ground.  Sleet remains small and does not cause recirculate between hot and cold.  Sleet does not cause roof damage.


Be prepared!  Consider upgrading your roof to a Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingle!  To learn more about Impact 4 resistant shingles please contact Myrtle beach Master Elite Roofing Contractor MidSouth Construction!  We Know Roofing!  We Want to Know You!


Let our team of professional roofing contractors show you why we ARE rated the top roofing contractor in Myrtle beach.  We are certified in all types of commercial roofing and residential roofing!



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