5 Reasons To Consider Solar Shingles

Solar shingles came into prominence in 2005 so they're a reliably new technology. Gone are the days when large solar panels were the only option for tapping into the sun's rays to convert them to electricity. Solar roofing shingles have become a viable option for those who are interested in green technologies. Here are 5 reasons to consider solar shingles for your home or business.

1. Cost savings: Certainly reducing your electricity bill and becoming less reliant on the power grid is the obvious reason for considering solar roofing shingles. Plus, in many US states if you produce more energy than you use you can even "sell" the excess energy back to your local utility company in exchange for a credit, further reducing your costs.

2. Increased valuation on your home or business: It's possible that the addition of a solar system can help to increase the value of your home or business especially if you're in a situation where you're producing more energy than you're consuming (as mentioned above) or if the case where the property becomes more attractive to people who are interested in green technology and reducing their electricity costs. This is especially true in areas where electricity is more expensive.

3. Aesthetics: Solar shinglees are designed these days to fit in with your current roof both literally and figuratively. They are installed as part of your current roofing system but they are also designed to fit with your current roofing system in terms of the look. As mentioned earlier, they are not large solar panels like we're used to seeing. They're small shingles that resemble the roofing shingles you most likely have on your roof currently.

4. Ease of installation: Whereas a skilled roofer can most effectively install the solar shingles themselves there are also more and more specialized installers who specifically install solar products that you can also choose to do the installation for you. In that regard, they might also advise you about other solar products that may save you more money in the long run by further reducing your electricity charges.

5. Government rebates and credits: There are already a number of rebates and credits available for consumers and businesses who wish to install solar products and this will most likely increase over time as solar shingle becomes more prevalent and accepted. Clearly these cost savings reduce your up front costs to install solar technology which help to reduce your payoff time and see the monetary benefits a lot sooner.

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